Who’s behind the brand?

That’s what your audience wants to know. And since you’re mine, here’s my story…

When I first started my business, I dreamed of days spent working with impactful clients on purposeful projects.

I soon learned how much time, effort, and energy it took just to get *a* client, let alone the ones I actually wanted to work with. Ones with a mission deeper than money.

So began my quest to figure shit out. Because imposter syndrome? We don’t love her.

I spent my first year as a freelancer learning from strangers on the Internet before I realized, “Hey silly! You went to undergrad for public relations, have a master’s degree in strategic communication, and a background in journalism (with an Editor-in-Chief title to boot). Whatcha doin’ pretending you don’t know enough to serve your clients?”

Then it clicked.

What do all of these seemingly unrelated experiences of mine have in common? An unabashed obsession with writing that clearly communicates a message to the intended audience.

There it was! Right in front of me!

It wasn’t until I dug deep into myself, my background, and my experiences that I realized I’ve been writing powerful copy for different audiences with barely a budget in site – I’m talking to you PR and print journalism – for YEARS.

And that’s what I do for you. We discover what’s already inside of you and make it click, for both you and your audience.

The words? They’re just the icing on the cake.

Because if there’s one thing I learned from 6 years in higher-ed and my experience as a freelancer, it’s that people buy from people.

So let your story shine! It’ll resonare much more deeply than fancy buzzwords or a perfectly worded website ever will.

Ready to dig into who you are so you can connect intimately with your audience?

Client love


Erin is awesome!!! I've been trying to write my "About" page for my website for almost a full year. I could never get it right and felt defeated having it on my business to-do list for so long. She took a huge burden off of me trying to force myself to write it myself. She wrote like it was me and I can even feel my personality coming off the page when I read it. Incredibly thankful for her and her amazing writing skills!

- Kelly Vigil, More Miles Races

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